Como decorar paredes con gotele

How to paint livingroom

That is to say there is a wallpaper that we call Cubre Gotelé that is manufactured exclusively to smooth walls in bad condition, so by placing several layers of this paper we get a good flatness to apply wallpaper, without having to go to cumbersome processes of sanding, puttying, scraping with all that this entails, which is not little. With our wallpaper covers gotelé, any person will be able to smooth its walls and to obtain a flatness between 80-95% of a clean, easy and fast form.

For all those who believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, we have also developed an explanatory video with the step by step so you can see how to apply this material.

It is clear that there are different systems to remove the gotelé each one with its advantages and disadvantages, where in a visual and quick way we will realize that this new product, this new alternative, is one of the best options to remove the gotelé doing it yourself without the help of a professional. Below we detail the available options:

How to decorate a stippled wall with vinyls

The trends point towards walls painted with textured surfaces that evoke memories of the traditional gotelé, but do not panic: the new pastes for effects with paints allow to achieve all kinds of effects, not just the classic ‘splashed’. The aim is to give the space a greater sensory richness that, at the same time, responds in a more practical way to the needs of everyday life in terms of resistance and cleanliness. Pastes with mineral fillers, metallic pigments, sandblasting… the options seek to respond to a handcrafted application that differs from the standard smooth and colorless walls.

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Do you like the sensation of relief on your walls, but you are not sure about relief? No problem, because the new vinyl materials are able to reproduce all kinds of materials and optical effects with such realism that it is impossible to distinguish them from the originals.

This dining room is embellished with walls clad in sintered compact Xtone, the Blue Roma model, which intertwines copper veins on a large-format grayish-blue porcelain to mimic a quartzite with incredible realism. Note that the graphic continuity options of the panels are enormous, as there are panels up to 150 x 320 cm.

Tutorial on how to hang non-woven wallpaper

Taking into account these first steps, it’s time to take action, and the key to make changes that the landlord has not given his approval is temporality: it’s time to think about all those changes with maxi effect but removable. Let’s get to work!

If you don’t like white interiors and your landlord won’t let you paint the walls, it’s time to go for tapestries, which are becoming so fashionable on social networks, and maxi paintings. The bigger the better! Use an XXL canvas for your bedroom with a double function: as a headboard. You can choose to leave these paintings on the floor if the landlord doesn’t like to make holes in the walls either, plus they look very chic!

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The good thing about furnished bedrooms in rented apartments is that they tend to be rather scarce in terms of furniture. In many cases we only find a sofa and a mattress, a perfect canvas (almost blank) on which to deploy our style. Look for a bold headboard, play with the bedding, place a rug at the foot that attracts all eyes, get two good lamps for the bedside tables (if the owner has left some that do not convince you, hide them!).

The Home Depot | How To Paint With A Sponge

For many, stippling never goes out of style, it continues to be reinvented every day and its look is rejuvenating, for many others, they’ve grown tired of seeing that texture in their rooms and are looking for a possible change. If you are in either situation, this is your site. We give you solutions so you can keep or finish with the gotelé on your walls.

After a few hot days it seems that we have to take out our coats again, but what’s going on? We love to complain, if it’s hot because there is no one to work, if it’s cold because we will not have summer … but what can we do if we are like that by nature. If you are in the capital today we are going to talk about a place where it’s great without so much climate change, CASA DECOR is …

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