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The thinker’s garden kitchen nightmare

This breakfast favorite begins to lose its texture and flavor about three to four months after opening–assuming it was stored properly. Revell recommends keeping the box tightly covered to keep longer …

All types of rice will keep indefinitely, except brown or brown rice, Revell says. «It has much higher oil content. It will last about six months before it starts to taste different,» he explains.

«If you’re dealing with something with high fat content, then it has a two- to three-month freezer life,» Revell says. «The issue is quality. With ground beef and bacon you’ll have more problems with texture than flavor. …

This picnic dressing often gets a bad rap, says Janice Revell, co-founder of the grocery advice website Still Tasty. Actually, it lasts a lot longer than people think. «Mayonnaise lasts a long time because it has a…

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This breakfast favorite begins to lose its texture and flavor about three to four months after opening–assuming it was stored correctly. Revell recommends keeping the box tightly covered to maintain longer …

Restaurant el calamar puertollano

Despite the fact that only a few days ago a new season has started (in this case the seventh) Alberto Chicote has already had to take on some important challenges in his Pesadilla en la Cocina. This Thursday Chicote is going to visit a restaurant in Plasencia called El Jardín del Pensador. Of course, the situation the establishment is going through is not the best: debts are piling up and income is getting smaller and smaller. But what do the customers who have visited the restaurant think?

It is enough to go to a web page where opinions are left to realize that the experience is almost never positive. «We went for dinner with the family and I have never ever waited an hour and a half for a sandwich. It is true that the place was full but if they know they can’t with so much work they should let the customers know,» said a customer on the website. «It’s a restaurant that leaves a lot to be desired apart from being deadbeats because they owe us 70 euros for a dinner reservation that in the end we couldn’t go. We feel ripped off,» insisted another.

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Restaurant eden barcelona nightmare in the kitchen

laSexta broadcasts tonight, at 22:30, a new episode of the seventh edition of ‘Pesadilla en la cocina’. Chaos. Confusion. Disorganization. These are some of the words that best describe a day in ‘El jardín del pensador’, a restaurant located on the outskirts of the city of Plasencia that today is declining and does not rebound. Just look at the huge sign from the road that welcomes customers: the sign is missing letters, is completely faded and does not seem to announce a warm welcome.

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Plasencia spain map

One of the most noticeable changes was the plant theme and, as the chef of Nightmare in the Kitchen explained, «with the name it had, it didn’t even have a single parsley leaf». That’s why they decided to make the plants the protagonists of the room. You can see the before and after in the main video of this article.

Before this great change, Alberto Chicote starred in other striking moments in the restaurant, such as the one you can see in the following video, where the successful chef tastes the meatballs of El jardín. Some Tiger Woods meatballs» even the employees were choking on them.

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