Jardín vertical artificial ikea

DIY: Installation of trellis in the garden

It is perfect for indoors as it is not demanding with natural light or watering. Its leaves grow erect until they reach a considerable height so it is especially beautiful in living rooms or passageways with enough space.

Also known as Beucarnea is so called, as you can see, by the shape of its trunk. With hardly any light and without irrigation it grows perfectly. It could even grow under a staircase and its price is very economical.

Also called Epiphyllum Anguliger, this plant is one of those that can withstand little light and little water. A native of the Mexican jungles, it is named for its lobed leaves that resemble fish scales. You can let it hang on a shelf and it will look divine.

Another type of fern that is very easy to care for. It attracts attention because of its wavy leaves and because it purifies the air in the house. By the way, it loves to be in high places, just like in its natural jungle.

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Besides being one of the most used plants to decorate the aloe vera also serves you (cutting a leaf every time you finish/need it) to treat scars and skin imperfections. As for the light, it needs natural light but without exposing it directly to the sun. It is also very sensitive to humidity so it needs water only when the soil is completely dry. Regarding temperature, it is sensitive to cold, but the average temperature of a house is perfect for its care.

Installing a lattice on the terrace – DIY

There is less than a month left for the official start of spring and therefore we are in discount time to set up terraces and balconies to enjoy them in warmer seasons. Vertical gardens allow us to establish in a simple way (and without taking up space) a direct connection with nature that is also refreshing on the hottest days.

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For those who do not dare with the maintenance there are also artificial vertical garden options like the one on the cover photo, which costs on Amazon, in 50×50 cm format, 26.79 euros but we have sought inspiration on Instagram to see diversity in terms of ideas on how to create the best vertical gardens to turn the terrace into an orchard.

The vertical garden saves us from having to place a lot of pots on the floor of the terrace and allows us to take advantage of that surface space for other elements such as a table or an outdoor fireplace.

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The options when creating compositions are almost infinite, it is true that the more different natural plants we combine, the more complicated the maintenance can be. But, the lushest vertical gardens that combine greenery with flowers, etc., are also the most colorful.

Singapore’s incredible mechanical forest

– Artificial plants are artificial products that mimic the physical and biological characteristics of plants and are manufactured according to highly bionic technical requirements, have the functions of aesthetic appreciation, home beautification and home environment optimization.

1. High value. Artificial plants are high-tech products of biomimetic technology. They can take the advantages of plants to beautify the environment and optimize the home environment. At the same time, they are easy to care for and avoid the inconvenience caused by planting.

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