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The catalog of an Action discount store has more than 6,000 products at low cost prices, 14 sections, more than 150 new offers every week and… 2/3 of its assortment is constantly changing!

In an Action store, up to 1,800 items are in stock with a price of less than 1 Euro and among the most successful items are decoration, handicrafts, household cleaning (detergents, fabric softeners) or personal hygiene.

In Action the prices are always low but every week launches a selection of items at a special price and valid for 7 days. The promotion usually consists of a price reduction, remember: every week a new selection of offers!

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The adoption process can be considered a special case of purchase decision process since the product to be acquired constitutes an innovation, so it follows a series of stages: attention, interest, evaluation, testing and adoption.

Compatibility. Compatibility is understood as the ability of a new product to adapt to the culture and purchasing habits of a given market. If the innovation to be introduced clashes head-on with the customs of a given population, this will greatly slow down its adoption by that population.

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3.- Complexity. This characteristic refers to the ease of use of the product to be introduced in the market, since if the product is complex the diffusion process needs more time.

AENOR certification supports the general acceptance of a product. It assures users that their interests have been defended during product development and that the standard is technically consistent and does not conflict or create unnecessary duplication with other standards.

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The Valencia Battery Convention highlights batteries as a key technology for the future of clean energy, but stresses the need for a regulatory framework that supports investment, innovation and access to critical raw materials.

Areas, a leader in travel catering, with global headquarters in Barcelona, has donated, thanks to a partnership with Phenix, more than 99,500 kg of surplus food from Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport to vulnerable groups in the city.

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World’s largest 8-inch GaN-on-Si HEMT manufacturer offers both discrete and newly introduced integrated half-bridge and driver solutions enabling customers to optimize for size, cost, flexibility and performance.

MOBOTIX, a leading manufacturer of intelligent IP video solutions, confirms that a third of the electricity it consumes is self-generated and increases the proportion of e-cars in the vehicle fleet as part of its sustainable strategy.

World leaders from Amazon Web Services, Enterprise, Brompton Solutions and representatives of city councils from cities such as Malaga, Bilbao, Barcelona and Valencia will share their success stories from March 21-23 in Valencia.

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GUIRNALDAS Y CORTINAS DE LUZMontaje de Guirnalda enrotllada al tronc i a les branques dun arbres sense fulles. Natural Mounting of LED Garlands in Treetops – Photo: Lisbon (Portugal)Muntatge Natural de Garlanda LED a Copes darbres – Photo: Lisbon (Portugal)8Guirnalda LED en espiral en Aveto – Photo: prov. BarcelonaGarlanda LED en espiral en un Avet – Photo: prov.

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GUIRNALDAS Y CORTINAS DE LUZIcicle LED white profiling cornice – Photo: prov. BarcelonaIcicle LED blanc perfilant cornisa – Photo: prov. BarcelonaCada Natural (Photo: Prov. Girona)Caiguda Natural (Photo Prov. Girona)12Icicle LED blue profiling cornice – Foto: Lisboa – PortugalIcicle LED blau perfilant cornisa – Foto: Lisboa – PortugalSuspended air mounting (Foto: Prov. Barcelona)Muntatge laire susps (Foto: Prov. Barcelona)

GUIRNALDAS Y CORTINAS DE LUZMuntatge amb caiguda descendent al aire: les garlandes cauen pel seu propi pes (Photo: prov. Tarragona)Muntatge amb caiguda descendent a laire: Les garlandes cauen pel seu propi pes (Photo: prov. Tarragona)Cada Natural (Photo: Prov. Tarragona)Caiguda Natural (Photo Prov. Tarragona)14Muntatge tipus llenol a laire (Photo: London-G.B.)Muntatge tipus llenol a laire (Photo: London-G.B.)Muntatge en Fachada (Photo: Prov. Girona)Muntatge a Faana (Photo: Prov. Girona)

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