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GUIRNALDAS Y CORTINAS DE LUZMontaje de Guirnalda enrotllada en el tronc y las ramas de arboles sin hojas.Muntatge de Garlanda enrotllada al tronc i a les branques dun arbres sense fulles. Natural Mounting of LED Garlands in Treetops – Photo: Lisbon (Portugal)Muntatge Natural de Garlanda LED a Copes darbres – Photo: Lisbon (Portugal)8Guirnalda LED en espiral en Aveto – Photo: prov. BarcelonaGarlanda LED en espiral en un Avet – Photo: prov.

GUIRNALDAS Y CORTINAS DE LUZIcicle LED white profiling cornice – Photo: prov. BarcelonaIcicle LED blanc perfilant cornisa – Photo: prov. BarcelonaCada Natural (Photo: Prov. Girona)Caiguda Natural (Photo Prov. Girona)12Icicle LED blue profiling cornice – Foto: Lisboa – PortugalIcicle LED blau perfilant cornisa – Foto: Lisboa – PortugalSuspended air mounting (Foto: Prov. Barcelona)Muntatge laire susps (Foto: Prov. Barcelona)

GUIRNALDAS Y CORTINAS DE LUZMuntatge amb caiguda descendent al aire: les garlandes cauen pel seu propi pes (Photo: prov. Tarragona)Muntatge amb caiguda descendent a laire: Les garlandes cauen pel seu propi pes (Photo: prov. Tarragona)Cada Natural (Photo: Prov. Tarragona)Caiguda Natural (Photo Prov. Tarragona)14Muntatge tipus llenol a laire (Photo: London-G.B.)Muntatge tipus llenol a laire (Photo: London-G.B.)Muntatge en Fachada (Photo: Prov. Girona)Muntatge a Faana (Photo: Prov. Girona)

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The catalog of an Action discount store has more than 6,000 products at low cost prices, 14 sections, more than 150 new offers every week and… 2/3 of its assortment is constantly changing!

In an Action store, up to 1,800 items are in stock with a price of less than 1 Euro and among the most successful items are decoration, handicrafts, household cleaning (detergents, fabric softeners) or personal hygiene.

In Action the prices are always low but every week launches a selection of items at a special price and valid for 7 days. The promotion usually consists of a price reduction, remember: every week a new selection of offers!

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Ohla has been awarded the concession contract for the execution, conservation and operation of the National Cancer Institute in Santiago de Chile, which will involve an investment of more than 300 million euros.

When the owners first visited this apartment located in Barcelona’s Sant Gervasi neighborhood, they never thought it would be love at first sight and that they would end up buying it. The house, built in 1950, was in its original state and needed to be completely transformed…

The research and technological development center Tecnalia will present at Rebuild its main technological solutions in the field of digitalization, industrialization and circularity in the construction sector with the aim of transforming and decarbonizing this industry. The event will take place at Ifema, Madrid, from March 28 to 30.

World Elevator Day is celebrated on March 23 to commemorate the appearance of the first commercial passenger elevator. On March 23, 1857, Eder V. Haughwout opened his exclusive department store in New York’s fashionable SoHo neighborhood, and equipped the five-story building with the first passenger elevator from Otis…

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Nova Abrasivos presents a wide selection of abrasive products for cutting, grinding, deburring, refining, finishing, polishing… It is a company specialized in this sector, offering advice and a wide selection of abrasive products for the treatment of metals, such as steel and stainless steel.

During the month of March, Cofan held professional workshops at its facilities in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real). The conferences were spread over the weekends of that month. José Julián Alberca, Cofan’s manager, organized a series of consecutive events, where more than 600 people visited the facilities.